Friday Five: Bad Mood Food

Friday, November 8, 2019
This week's Friday Five:
  1. What are you most likely to reach for when you stress-eat? I actually don't stress-eat. When I'm stressed, I get a cup of coffee, go for a smoke, and watch BTS content.

  2. When were you last disappointed by a meal? I wasn't disappointed by the whole meal, but both the honey butter fried chicken and the kimchi bacon cheese fries I had at Mr. ChiMaek the other day was somewhat disappointing. The honey butter fried chicken was powder-coated instead of sauce, which I wasn't expecting. And the kimchi bacon cheese fries weren't hot enough so the cheese wasn't melted. And there also wasn't enough kimchi.

  3. What food are you sad you can't get anymore? Vanilla-chocolate twist soft serve at McDonald's.

  4. For what food will you make an exception to a personal rule? My personal rule is that if I can make it at home, I won't order it at a restaurant. An exception to this is the grilled cheese sandwiches from All-Star Wings. I literally go there specifically for grilled cheese even though it's a wings restaurant.

  5. What's something you really like but would never order while dining out because you have it at home all the time? Eggs and toast.

2 comments on "Friday Five: Bad Mood Food"
  1. I wrote the stress-eating question because I've done a LOT of it lately. Is it bad that I kinda wish I smoked instead? :)

    1. LOL, YES. It IS bad. Honestly, as much as I love smoking, I do wish I never started. It is expensive as hell and incredibly unhealthy.

      On that note... I do hope you become less stressed soon!


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