Photolog 2019: Day 244 of 365

Sunday, September 1, 2019

I dragged Chelsea with me to Bloom Cafe after dinner tonight to check out the Jungkook global cafe birthday event. (For those who aren't familiar, many popular BTS fansites will host cafe events around the world for members' birthdays every year. There are a lot of them in Korea, but generous hosts will prepare something in other cities around the world. Toronto was lucky enough to have one this year, prepared by @naaadmd, who hosted the event, and @madein1997_jk, the fansite that took all the photos and created all the goods for the event!) However, by the time we got there around 8:30, all the Jungkook goods — cup sleeves, posters, and photocards — were all given out already (apparently, they ran out of them by 3:00 PM, and there was a two-hour line-up out the door). In fact, Bloom Cafe had run out of all their baked desserts, too. Chelsea literally got the last cream puff in the whole cafe. (I was disappointed because I was so hoping to bring a box of cream puffs home!) But I did manage to get a tasty strawberry-matcha twist soft serve in a waffle cone, so not all was lost.

I asked the girl who worked there if I was allowed to take the flyer poster that was taped up to the glass display, and she said she wasn't sure. But she came up to me five minutes later and handed me the flyer, telling me that she had asked the host for me and said I could have it. So at least I got to take home a souvenir! And I actually got to meet the host, @naaadmd, who had been there all day today and yesterday (like, she was there from open to close) because it was a two-day event. She was super kind and sweet and I thanked her for her time and effort into creating such a successful event for our golden maknae. (BTS ARMYs have hardcore dedication. Just saying.) And she actually gave us a second flyer poster so Chelsea could have one, too. (Chels didn't actually want it; she just took it so I could have one for my ARMY friend in Winnipeg, to whom I promised I would try to get something from the event.) We, of course, had to check out the space — which was decked out in decorations, posters, photos, and banners all dedicated to Jungkook for his 23rd birthday — before leaving. It was a short but sweet (no pun intended) time. It was my first BTS cafe birthday event, but I hope there will be one for RM's birthday (which is on the 12th) as well as Jimin's in October in Toronto this year. And if there is, I'll be sure to get there early!
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