Photolog 2019: Day 223 of 365

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Managed to squeeze in another screening of Bring the Soul today! Even though I don't like going to the movies on weekends or in the afternoon, this was the only time that didn't interfere with my work schedule. And I somehow convinced my mom to go with me. (She's 65. Everything she hears about BTS is through me or the news. She's not an ARMY, but she does enjoy their "fancy clothing" and does recognize some of their songs because I play them every time she's in the car with me. Her favourites so far are "FAKE LOVE," "Epiphany," and "Lie.") For the record, she said she really enjoyed the movie and has a new-found appreciation for BTS' hard work and talent (and stylists, of course; she really loves their clothes). Oh, and her bias is now Jimin (like mother, like daughter?), who she said is "the most calm" and "the most elegant" but senses that he "has a wild side." Scary how accurate she is.
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