Friday Five: Scattergories, Part 8!

Friday, June 29, 2018
This week's Friday Five:

The letter I got from the Random Letter Generator: D

  1. What's a movie you love whose title begins with the letter? Drive. One of my favourite movies of all time.

  2. What's a popular tourist destination whose name begins with the letter? Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Though, personally, it's a little too hot for me.

  3. What's something you do, whose name begins with the letter, when you're very happy? Drink bubble tea!

  4. What's a frightening animal whose name begins with the letter? I guess as compared to all the other animals starting with a 'D,' I'm gonna go with Dwarf Crocodile.

  5. Who's a person you admire whose name begins with the letter? Dave Grohl, an incredible musician, songwriter, record producer, and all-around legend. Humble to boot. And I'm seeing Foo Fighters in two weeks!
3 comments on "Friday Five: Scattergories, Part 8!"
  1. Ahhh. You're seeing Foo Fighters. I'm SUPER jealous. The last time they played Honolulu (I think) was 1999, when they played a club. I couldn't afford the tickets. Have fun! Looking forward to the IG clips!

    1. The last time I saw them was in 2005. My friend and I had gotten pretty crappy seats (like 400 Level?) because it sold out so fast, but her boyfriend (who was my brother's best friend so I was like a little sister to him) ended up surprising us with 200 Level seats. It was such a good show; they totally kill it live. I'm so excited to see them again! :)

      What's your fave song? I will dedicate a clip to you!

    2. I really like "My Hero" and "Best of You." Oh, and "Everlong!" So any of those. :)


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