Friday Five: Scramble

Friday, October 28, 2022
This week's Friday Five:

  1. What have you recently been mixed up about? All of my medical appointments. I have an appointment with one endocrinologist in three weeks so I booked a blood test for that one, but then I just got a notification yesterday about another appointment with my other endocrinologist in two weeks' time that I never knew about, so I had to chase that doctor's office for a blood test requisition. But then I found out that I also need to do a 24-hour urine sample collection for it that also requires three days of eating extra salt, so I had to book a separate testing for that appointment. Basically, the first two weeks of November are going to be a shit show.

  2. In what circumstances do you prefer disorder to order? None, because as you can see from question #1, disorder CAUSES ME STRESS.

  3. Who in your life has most often gotten you into a real mess? No one currently because I cut those people off.

  4. Besides salads, what dishes do you like to mix up before eating? Off the top of my head, I'd say hwedupbap and bibimbap.

  5. What have you recently had to untangle? My hair. And some USB cables at work.
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