Friday Five: All in the family

Friday, September 2, 2022
This week's Friday Five:

  1. What efforts do you make in resisting Father Time? I don't.

  2. In what manner do you try to be a good steward of Mother Earth? I am pretty meticulous about separating my garbage, recyclables, and organics. (And no, pizza boxes are not recyclable — they go in the organic bin.)

  3. What has recently caused you to say UncleMy boss. He's always been a piece of shit but I found out that he's also a racist piece of shit, so yeah, I'm going job hunting.

  4. Among actors in Ant-Man, who are you particularly fond of? Paul Rudd, obviously. I've just found him charming since Clueless. I also like Judy Greer.

  5. Which notable brothers would you most like to hang out with? Which notable sisters? If I had to pick, I guess the Hemsworth brothers? For no particular reason other than they are extremely good-looking? And for sisters, I think the Haim girls would be fun to hang out with.

2 comments on "Friday Five: All in the family"
  1. Judy Greer is great in everything. They should put her in more movies.

    Do you know who the Ahn Trio is? That's my answer to the second half of question 5. :)

    1. They should cast her as a main character in movies! Her filmography is insane, but she's always in the supporting cast. I've loved her since Jawbreaker. She's been in some of my favourite TV shows - Californication, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Arrested Development - and she also never plays the main character. It's so sad because I find her so versatile.

      And yes, a great answer! Didn't even think about them. I guess I'm thinking more recently. :P


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