Friday Five: Perambulating

Friday, August 19, 2022
This week's Friday Five:

  1. What routine have you recently altered merely as a change of pace? I actually never change my routine just for a change of pace. It's always for a beneficial reason. Most recently, I decided to stop brushing my teeth in the shower and just do it at the sink like a normal person so I can floss more regularly. (If I brush my teeth in the shower, I end up forgetting to floss altogether.)

  2. What unexpected occurrence did you recently take in stride? I switched to Bell a couple weeks ago for Internet service and on Tuesday, I got home from work and found my Internet not working. I re-started the modem a couple times and nothing changed, so when I called Bell customer service to do a diagnostic, they told me that there was a wiring issue so my modem wasn't receiving signal. It was already 8:00pm, so they couldn't send someone to service until the next day and I ended up using my phone's Hotspot for the night. (Good thing I have unlimited data on my phone plan.)

  3. Where do you go for a casual stroll? I very rarely go for casual strolls, but I guess when I do go for one, it's just around my neighbourhood. It's actually surprisingly peaceful given how busy the general vicinity is.

  4. Through how many gates did you pass this week? Literal gates? None. Metaphorical gates? Probably a few.

  5. Around whom (or what) have you been tiptoeing? My boss. He is in a mood this week.

3 comments on "Friday Five: Perambulating"
  1. I was volunteering a few years ago at this seminar for seniors, led by a dentist. He said flossing is better before brushing! Because it loosens stuff up before you attack it with the brush. Ditto rinses: rinse with something first, then floss, then brush. When lockdown started and I had all this time, I really took the time to do all that, and even added a post-brushing rinse. I've kept it up, and now my evening toothbrushing takes like twenty minutes. Morning toothbrushing not as long, but I still do all that.

    As you've seen, I made a cioppino after a couple of years thinking about it. It came out pretty good! What about you?

    1. Interesting - I went to the dentist last week and my hygienist didn't say anything about flossing BEFORE brushing, but she did say that flossing is as important than brushing, if not more. I hadn't gone to the dentist in 18 years (yes, shame on me) and she asked how often I flossed, and I said usually everyday, and she said that that's probably why my teeth are in pretty good shape for not having gone to the dentist in so long. I also started rinsing everyday with anti-bacterial mouthwash a couple years ago and that also helps significantly.

      But I will take your seminar dentist's advice and start flossing before brushing...

      I have seen your cioppino and was quite impressed. Only problem is that I don't want to buy so much seafood. :( I only cook for myself so it seems like quite a commitment. Did you cook it for your parents, too? Or just you?

    2. It was for me and my parents, and I used frozen seafood (except the fish, which was fresh). So the stuff I didn't use stayed frozen and it's there for next time. Yeah, I'm not sure what I would do if only cooking for myself. Probably make it again the next couple of nights. If I make something good I like to enjoy it a few nights in a row. :)


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