Friday Five: Four months

Friday, August 26, 2022
This week's Friday Five:

  1. How good are you at wrapping gifts? I'd like to think better than average. I mean, I'm not stellar or professional by any means, but I did work in retail for 15 years which came with quite a lot of gift-wrapping, so I do have some experience.

  2. When are you likely to begin your Christmas shopping this year? I don't really celebrate Christmas, so I never have a set Christmas shopping list, but for a couple friends and my immediate family, we usually agree to do some kind of holiday gift exchange. I usually start shopping maybe 2 weeks to a month in advance, depending on what I've decided to gift (some things are available online only, for example, so I do have to take into account shipping times).

  3. How do you feel about candy canes? Totally indifferent. I don't hate them, but I don't go out of my way to eat them, either. Although, generally, if I want something minty, I'll just eat a mint, and if I want candy, I don't really want mint-flavoured candy... 

  4. Have you been naughty or nice this year? I lean towards nice. But like, my wallet's been pretty naughty...

  5. In what way was today most December-like? I mean, I guess it's been getting a little colder at night, but like, I don't consider 20℃ to be remotely December-like. Maybe all the sales going on right now?

2 comments on "Friday Five: Four months"
  1. Yeah it was working in retail that turned me into a decent giftwrapper. I'm still not great, but I'm quite good for a guy. I get compliments all the time. "You wrap nicely!" "You mean for a guy?" "Yeah!"

    1. Nah, you just wrap nicely. Not for a guy. Just as a person in general. I've seen plenty of men who wrap gifts really well, and even at those gift wrapping stations they have at malls during the holidays, a lot of the employees there are men. And they kick my ass at gift wrapping.


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