Friday Five: I ♡ the 80s

Friday, July 22, 2022
This week's Friday Five:
  1. What was your greatest Triumph this week? My boss gave me a $200 bonus today and I got three free lunches from him this week. Love it when he feels guilty.

  2. When did you last interact with the Police? Maybe a decade ago? A cop pulled me over for having an expired license plate sticker, but I got off with a warning.

  3. What's recently caused your Heart to leap? J-Hope's new album, Jack in the Box. It is SO FREAKING GOOD.

  4. What are you in no Rush to deal with? Cleaning my balcony.

  5. How liberally do you use Salt-n-Pepa? When I cook, I tend to use salt and pepper fairly liberally. However, I very rarely add salt to my food at restaurants because I find that they're usually salty enough. (Also I have high blood pressure.) I will add pepper to certain non-Asian dishes if I'm dining out, though.

1 comment on "Friday Five: I ♡ the 80s"
  1. Haha. #5 was going to be a question using the Cure, but I wanted at least two questions to represent women groups so that one was cut. :)

    Tough to complain about a bonus and free lunches.


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