Friday Five: Double Stuf

Friday, May 27, 2022
This week's Friday Five:
  1. What do you have two of because while you knew you had one, you couldn't find it so you bought a new one? Nothing. Since moving into my apartment, I know exactly where I've put everything, so I always know where to find my things. Anything that I have two or more of — scissors, nail clippers, lip balms, hand creams, pens, etc. — have been purposefully purchased.

  2. What do you own none of because it's convenient to borrow it from someone else? N/A. I don't like to borrow things from anyone. If I like or want something enough, I will just by one for myself.

  3. What do you own an old version of because it still works fine even though it's very old? My DVD player, my lamps, and my blood pressure machine. Everything else in my apartment was bought new or was replaced by a newer version.

  4. What do you own identical versions of because you like to have one in different places? Toothbrushes and toothpastes. (One set by the bathroom sink, one set in the shower.)

  5. What are you most likely to upgrade when an upgrade is available, even if you're happy with the one you've got? I guess the Apple iOS. Because my phone will annoy the fuck out of me with notifications until I download the new version. I also upgrade my iPhone every couple of years for the sake of camera quality, but I usually skip generations, so it's not right when a new version is available.
3 comments on "Friday Five: Double Stuf"
  1. Yep. I have three nearly identical sets of toothbrush-toothpaste-razor-shampoo-floss-etcetera. Home, office, and parents'. Now that I live with the parents, I guess I'll put that set in my car in case I meet someone and, uh, you know. Not that that has ever happened!

    Nearly identical because I have a rather expensive trimmer I really like and I don't know if I reeeeally want to buy two more, though the peace of mind they'll give me might be considerable.

    Actually the questions popped into my mind because I was vegging at my desk and my eyes landed on my nail clippers. :)

    1. Is there a reason you moved in with your parents? Are they okay?

      It's smart to have multiple toiletry sets, actually. You're always prepared and hygienic! With the trimmer, I guess you'll have to roughly calculate cost per use to see if it's worth buying another one. :)

      Haha, I was also looking at my nail clippers while answering this!

    2. They're getting up there. My mom's short-term memory has been going for years, and I was going to move back eventually. So when my landlord needed the space for a sister who's in hospice care, I figured it was time. It's an adjustment, but so far it's quite positive.


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