Friday Five: Condimentary, my dear Watson

Friday, October 8, 2021
This week's Friday Five:
  1. What do you expect to do syrup-titiously in the coming weeks? I just got a fancy new computer chair and need to somehow discard my old one, except I have no idea what the protocol is for getting rid of furniture in a condo building, so I may just try to casually roll it outside by the dumpsters and leave it there in the middle of the night...

  2. What did you ketchup on this week, or ketchup with? I went to my friend Viv's wedding last Sunday and caught up with some of my old colleagues at MAC and it really reminded me of how much fun we used to have. 

  3. What was the occasion the last time you enjoyed dressing up? My friend Viv's wedding last weekend!

  4. What television series did you most recently watch with great relish? Squid Game, along with everyone else on the planet. I thought it was a really fresh, unique spin on a dark concept that's been done many times before. While there are some holes in the storyline, I did find that, overall, it was amazingly executed and directed. Acting and cinematography were especially superb.

  5. When did someone most recently shoyu how to do something? I learned how to make "advanced grilled cheese" from Babish a couple weeks ago. (Honestly, I was just craving grilled cheese.)
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