Friday Five: Play ball!

Friday, April 2, 2021
This week's Friday Five:
  1. In what area of your life are you on a roll? Um, none. I have plateaued. Unless you count being an ARMY as an area of life. (Which I do.) Then I am killing it.

  2. What’s the most recent spherical food you consumed? A clementine, about an hour ago. 

  3. In what way has your life taken a strange bounce? Well, for a hot second there, it was being able to dine out in restaurants again. I was ecstatic. But starting tomorrow, Ontario is officially on lockdown again. For four fucking weeks.

  4. When did you last hit a home run? In baseball terms, never. Metaphorically, I'd say quitting a job I absolutely hated right before the pandemic hit. Of course, I kinda hate my job now, too, but at least it's not retail (a ton of people got laid off from my old company over the last year) and I get to work from home. My timing was pretty impeccable.

  5. When did you last attend a special event for which you needed new clothes? My brother's wedding four years ago. But I would have bought new clothes for my friend Viv's wedding last year had it not been postponed due to the pandemic.
2 comments on "Friday Five: Play ball!"
  1. Oh boy. Getting out of retail right before the pandemic was a TOTAL home run. Nice timing. And you have not plateaued. If you're in limbo or stasis or something, that's just how we all kind of are these days anyway.

    Your waffles/pancakes question is tricky. I would rather have an average waffle than an average pancake, but great pancakes are way better than great waffles. It's just so seldom I get a reeeeeeally good pancake! What about you?

    1. Sigh. I guess maybe not plateaued, but definitely in limbo. With a heavy dose of ennui.

      I'm definitely a waffle girl. I mean, don't get me wrong, I do like a good pancake - I love those Japanese souffle pancakes, for example - but 99% of the time, I'll choose waffles over pancakes. Pancakes absorb everything and become soggy fast. Like, if I add maple syrup, I have to keep adding more because the pancake absorbs it all and then I increase my sugar intake by like, 800%. But waffles are the perfect vessel for syrup or butter (or pretty much any condiment).


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