Friday Five: Heigh ho

Friday, December 11, 2020
This week's Friday Five:
  1. What do you do when it's bedtime and you're not sleepy? Read. Or watch ASMR for sleep videos.

  2. When were you most recently bashful? I don't know if I've had a chance to be bashful recently. I guess when I took the whole ice cream cone holder by accident from the McDonald's drive-thru worker?

  3. Have you seen a doc in the past nine months? I had an appointment with my family doctor a couple months ago to get vaccinations (pneumonia, tetanus, flu, and HPV). But other than that, all my doctor's appointments have been by phone this year.

  4. What's got you feeling grumpy lately? Work. 

  5. What's making you happy today? Opening up a package of BTS merch? Frankly, getting BTS merch is the highlight of my week. (Any week, really.)

3 comments on "Friday Five: Heigh ho"
  1. Hahahahaha. The drive-through line made me laugh aloud. At least you didn't drive away without your order, which I have done multiple times!

    I made Japanese curry Thursday, so that was dinner Thursday and Friday (and probably Saturday). Comfort food. I plan to make a raw potato salad this weekend, too. Have you ever had that? It's great if you have a good dressing.

  2. LOL, true, but it was embarrassing when the McDonald's worker was like, "Oh, no, you just take the cones, not the tray!" How was I supposed to know?! I thought they were like drink trays...

    Ooh, maybe I'll make Japanese curry this week, haven't had that in a bit. I've never had raw potato salad - is it just made using uncooked potatoes? What's the best dressing to use?

    1. I've had raw potato salad at a couple of places in Honolulu, but this was the first and the only one still around:

      It's refreshing and fun to eat. I found a recipe here:

      Which I'm going to try later this week. I did buy the dressing -- it's in most of the supermarkets here. But this link has a recipe for a dressing too. I've found that it goes well with any shoyu-vinegar kind of sauce.


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