Friday Five: Pandemic daze

Friday, November 27, 2020
This week's Friday Five:
  1. Where do you get most of your pandemic-related news? Weirdly enough, Twitter. I check it regularly for BTS updates, and there's always local pandemic news in the Trending section.

  2. How do you feel about your local government's leadership during this pandemic? I think they're trying their best to control such a big population, but they still need to be stricter. Like, we're in Code Red right now; why are there still non-essential businesses open? Small businesses are forced to close, but massive malls can stay open for Black Friday shopping? There is literally a record high for new cases in Ontario, and still no official shut down. Restricting certain regions in the GTA abut not others is totally unhelpful, too — people will just travel to a less restricted area. (Look at what happened at Vaughan Mills today. It's ridiculous.)

  3. What does your favourite mask look like, and about how many masks have you accumulated? I only buy disposable masks. Although I do favour the black ones to the blue ones. (To absolutely no one's surprise.)

  4. Where have you most often had takeout during this pandemic? As terrible as it is, McDonald's. It's the only food establishment around here that is open 24/7 and since I work until midnight, it's really the only option if I don't want to cook after work. I try to limit myself to "outside" food only once a week, though. (Mostly for health, but partially for cost.) That's why Ying and I made a Saturday night tradition of going to the McDonald's drive-thru — a treat to ourselves after a tedious week of work. (We usually go through twice, though. First time for burgers, second time for vanilla cones. Go big or go home, right?)

  5. What new interests, skills, or hobbies have you picked up since mid-March? Well, I was into origami for a while at the beginning of the pandemic because I was in quarantine for a few weeks, but since then, not much. I work full-time, so my main interest (BTS) takes up the rest of my time. I will say that I am enjoying cooking a lot more these days, but it's more so due to moving into my own apartment rather than the pandemic itself.
3 comments on "Friday Five: Pandemic daze"
  1. Yep. McD's for me too. For largely the same reasons: open 24/7 in my neighborhood and I do laundry at a laundromat once a week at 3:00 in the morning, so I go to bed before dinner and get McD's to consume in the laundry. I have to say for six months I mostly enjoyed the quiet solitude away from home. Now it's getting a little old.

    Happy late Thanksgiving to you. I saw your was October 11. Do Canadians celebrate similarly? A combination of gluttony and sloth? :)

    1. Fair enough. Why do you do laundry at 3:00AM? I mean, I also do laundry at 3:00AM but I'm nocturnal and have washer/dryers in my unit so I don't leave my apartment, lol. Is it 'cause of COVID, or because it's quiet? What's your go-to McDonald's order?

      And thank you! Yeah, Canadians celebrate pretty much the same way - get together with family, eat a big turkey dinner. (Except my family and I don't really celebrate Thanksgiving. Too much work. For the past couple years, I've spent Thanksgiving at BTS cafe events because one of the members' birthdays is always around Canadian Thanksgiving, lol.) Also our Thanksgiving has nothing to do with Pilgrims and Indians, it's more so a celebration of harvest. But yeah, most people just spent all weekend eating and being lazy, lol.

    2. Mostly to avoid people. There are maybe ten laundries closer than the one I go to, but the one I like is in a very safe neighborhood and the facility is very clean. It's in an upscale neighborhood, but it's also very near the university, so I imagine it gets most of its business from students. The quiet meal time has been a side benefit. It's the closest thing to dining out I've managed. :)


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