Friday Five: Z.

Friday, October 23, 2020
This week's Friday Five:
  1. How have you been sleeping lately? TERRIBLY. There is consistently construction noise every single goddamn day here. Now, I understand that it's a new building in a new development and there may very well be construction going on until next year. They're always installing things and fixing things and paving things or whatever. And that's fine because it's normal and necessary, and it's always Monday to Friday from 9:00AM to 5:00PM, and there's not always constant noise. What's NOT fine is the fucking ASSHOLE who lives right above me, who decides it's okay to start hammering and drilling REALLY FUCKING LOUDLY starting at 8:00AM EVERY MORNING SINCE I MOVED IN. EVEN SUNDAYS. (It was the Sundays that I realized it was the tenant in the upstairs unit and not the construction workers.) I don't know what the fuck is going on up there, but it seems like they're re-building their ENTIRE FUCKING UNIT.

    Yes, I work nights, so yes, I go to bed at 6:00AM, and I understand that this schedule is the opposite of most people. But I got woken up even after putting in ear plugs AND putting a pillow on top of my head. Even if there aren't other people trying to sleep, there are people who work from home. Who have babies. Who are doing online classes for school. And this FUCKING ASSHOLE is just hammering as loud as fucking possible every fucking day as early as noise laws will allow. And not just for a few minutes. Or even half an hour. It's HOURS AT A TIME. HOW MUCH SHIT DOES THIS GUY NEED TO BUILD?

    It's been a goddamn month of this fucking bullshit, and I had had enough. So I called the management office about this yesterday while the REALLY FUCKING LOUD hammering was going on in the background. I explained to the girl that I may not be able to do anything about the noise because of whatever laws, but I told her that I would move out to my mom's for a while because it was affecting both my physical and mental health, and I just needed an approximate time frame as to when the neighbour would be done hammering everything in sight. The girl I talked to, who could also hear the intense hammering through the phone, said she would give them a call immediately. She must've gotten through, because the RAGING ASSHOLE NEIGHBOUR stopped hammering about two minutes after I got off the phone with the management office. And it was actually quiet this morning, too. If nothing else, the building management is effective AF. (Knock on wood.)

  2. What kinds of linens and stuff do you have on your bed today? The same bedding that I always have. White cotton linens and pillow cases, and a kind of muted, greyish seafoam green duvet cover that has a geometric pattern on it. Weirdly enough, my entire apartment is decked out in BTS and BT21 merch, all colourful and playful, but my bed is surprisingly... mature? Kinda like hotel bedding. (Actually, a lot of my bedding is from Hotel Collection, so I guess it makes sense.)

  3. What's the latest you've gotten out of bed these last few months? About 3:00PM. It was the one Sunday that my raging asshole upstairs neighbour decided he didn't need to hammer shit in the morning.

  4. Have you had any pleasant or unpleasant dreams lately? I distinctly remember waking up from dreams but I rarely remember them about two minutes after I wake up (probably because I realize that I got woken up from the hammering in the upstairs unit and then I get enraged instead). My dreams haven't been vivid enough recently that I'll actually recall them.

  5. What helps you relax these days? Re-reading old young adult novels. I'm currently re-reading "Sloppy Firsts" by Megan McCafferty (for like, the tenth time). It's full of angst and early 2000s references, and it's one of my favourite series from high school. Or possibly ever.
2 comments on "Friday Five: Z."
  1. This was great reading. I was totally feeling you in #1 but for some reason #3 cracked me up. :)

    1. Sadly, the hammering came back on Saturday morning. I left a message with security who relayed it to management. They called me on Monday and said that they had contacted the tenants in the unit right above mine. The tenants said it's not them making the noise and that they can hear the hammering, too, and that management could come check their unit anytime. So now it's a mystery as to where the sound is coming from, because it can be heard on weekends, too, so they know it's not the building workers. Management just said to call them the next time I hear the hammering and that they would send a security guard to check it. SIGH.


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