Friday Five: Ohio

Friday, October 30, 2020
This week's Friday Five:
  1. What starts off difficult but gets easier? A job. (Of course, when it gets truly easy, that means it's time to gun for a promotion.)

  2. What's exciting in the beginning and end, but dull in the middle? Long flights. 

  3. What's delicious at first but progressively worse as you go along? Chocolate and anything chocolate-flavoured. 

  4. What makes you feel terrible while you're doing it but great when you're done? Cleaning.

  5. What did you once do quickly but now do slowly? Fall asleep.
3 comments on "Friday Five: Ohio"
  1. Good answers on 3 and 4. Totally in agreement. For me the chocolate thing happens really quickly, except for chocolate milk which I could drink all day.

    No special Halloween snacks. I'm not much of a candy buy, most of the time. Kind of sticking to chips lately, and with current events as they are, I've been having a LOT of them. :s

    Blue cheese takes a bit of getting used to, I think. I've always been meh about it, but lately I'm enjoying it, if for no reason other than its novelty, something different in my kitchen to keep me from getting bored.

    1. I haven't had chocolate milk in a long time (not because I don't like it but because milk has just generally never been my drink of choice and chocolate milk has a lot of sugar in it and if I'm gonna have that much sugar, why drink chocolate milk when there's bubble tea, you know?), but I agree. I think it's just the concentration of chocolate. Like, pure chocolate, I can have one or two squares and that's more than enough, otherwise I start to feel sickly. But if it's diluted enough - for example, mocha desserts or coated over wafers (like KitKat or Coffee Crisp) - it's something I can enjoy.

      Chips > candy, always. And I hear you, I would be stress eating, too. :P

      I've tried blue cheese a few times and while I like it in sauces or crumbled into salads, I can't seem to get into it on its own. It's just a bit too pungent. But I think the right combination would taste great, like honey or fig jam or something. I guess it depends on how strong the cheese is, too. Any suggestions on milder blue cheeses for rookies? :)

    2. I'm too new at this to recommend anything. I don't know what I'm buying when I buy it, to be honest. Just grabbing something that looks interesting and seeing what it's like. :) But if I come across something now I'll pass the info along.


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