Friday Five: Expertise

Friday, September 4, 2020
This week's Friday Five:
  1. What are you skilled enough at to get paid for, but do for your friends for no charge? Makeup, which was my profession for over a decade. I don't charge family members, obviously, and I did do my friend's wedding makeup (along with the mother and bridesmaids) as a gift to her, but most of my friends are/were in the makeup industry as well, so I rarely ever needed to do their makeup. 

  2. What did you used to be very knowledgeable about but aren't anymore, because you didn't keep up with latest developments? Web design, graphic design, and layout design. I taught myself HTML and Adobe Photoshop when I was 11 and actually did web and graphic design as a hobby for a decade. I even studied Graphic Communications in university. But by that time (around 2007-2008), it was hard to find a career in this field because everyone was getting into blogging and social media, and my interest shifted to makeup.

  3. What are you skilled enough at to get paid for, except nobody actually pays anyone to do it? Food photography. I've actually been paid for it before, and people actually do get paid for photographing food, but it's rare for me personally because I treat it as a hobby, not a job. If that doesn't count... maybe typing fast? Except I'm sure there is someone out there who is paid for typing, so I dunno.

  4. What have you become super interested in only recently, and what's something you know about it? Maybe credit scores? Because I'm in banking now, I'm interested in how credit works in general. I've learned some of the factors that affect credit score, like payment history, the amount of credit products you have, the amount owed to creditors, the amount of credit products you've applied to, and credit history. Not the most exciting stuff, but it's useful to know.

  5. Who do you admire for his or her vast knowledge about a topic you care about? My friend Ronsee. He's kind of a jack-of-all-trades. But he knows a lot about law, economics, finances, and politics, which I've always found fascinating.
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