Friday Five: Consumption

Friday, August 28, 2020
This week's Friday Five:
  1. What would you consider your most recent major purchase? My condo. This will probably be my most major purchase for years and years to come.

  2. On what are you hoping to spend a good chunk of change in the near future? Some new furniture. I have most of the furniture I need already, but I do need a couple new desks, a new office chair, wall shelving, and a new TV. So, a pretty good chunk of change.

  3. When did you most recently resist the urge to splurge? This week. On more BTS merch. But I controlled myself. Because I was like, "YOU DO NOT NEED A $400 SHIRT. NOR DO YOU HAVE TIME TO LEARN KOREAN WITH BTS. YOU WORK FULL-TIME AND HAVE A CONDO TO PAY FOR." 

  4. When did you most recently experience buyer's remorse? Um, I didn't. Because I pretty much spend all of my extra money on BTS merch. And I never regret buying BTS merch.

  5. What's something interesting you consumed this past week? Umm... the poke bowl I had on Monday? I wouldn't normally find a poke bowl particularly interesting, but it had crab meat slaw and jalapeño slices so it was extra fun.
2 comments on "Friday Five: Consumption"
  1. Wow. Blogspot ate my comment. I hit PUBLISH and I got a frowny face.

    When you eventually make your way down here, you're going to have to let me take you for some real poke. Because while what you had looks really yummy, it's not exactly what we call poke here. And, you know, it was invented here. :) I know all the good poke spots!

    1. Haha, I would agree that the poke bowls you find in Canada are not authentic. Poke to Hawaii is like... poutine to Canada. ;)

      Would love to try Hawaiian local cuisine! Spam musubi, loco moco, saimin, plate lunches... :9 Your photos always make me hungry, lol. If I ever do go to Hawaii, I will definitely take you up on a food tour! (Likely a multi-day food tour, there is a lot I need to eat...)


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