Friday Five: Hopscotch and Crayons

Friday, July 17, 2020
This week's Friday Five:
  1. What was your favourite piece of playground equipment when you were a kid? Swings and glider bars.

  2. What do you remember about your first-grade teacher? Pick the earliest grade teacher you remember, if you don't remember anything about your first-grade teacher. Is it weird that I remember my kindergarten teacher and my second grade teacher, but not my first grade teacher? I even remember learning about fractions in math and prepositions in English and different words in French (I went to an advanced school), but I don't remember the teacher at all. Let's go with kindergarten, 'cause I loved her. Her name was Miss Cook, she was super nice, she wore denim overall dresses (it was 1990), and she had the most beautiful rounded, loopy cursive writing.

  3. What's an especially memorable field trip you took with a class in your very early years? We went on a field trip to Black Creek Pioneer Village in Grade 3, and pet horses and churned butter.

  4. What are some fads you remember from your elementary school days? Did you get into them? Ohhh, yes. Grade 3 was all about New Kids on the Block and Pogs. I was too young to get into NKOTB, but for some reason, I distinctly remember owning a NKOTB school set that included a pencil, eraser, and ruler. (My mom probably got it 'cause it was on sale. She has no idea who NKOTB are.) But Pogs were ALL THE RAGE. My brother and I collected those like crazy. (And we played slammers for keeps. That was a big deal.) Grade 5 was all about Spice Girls, so platform sneakers, butterfly clips, and chunky hair streaks were in style. Plus, Beanie Babies. So many goddamn Beanie Babies. (Some of those were worth thousands of dollars. Collecting them got ridiculously competitive.) I got into all of them. Except chunky hair streaks. Not because I didn't want them, but because my school didn't allow them.

  5. If your elementary school had food service, what's a lunch you were especially fond of, and what's a lunch you were especially not fond of? We didn't have lunch service in elementary school, but we did get bowls of soup during the winter (chicken rice was my favourite back then), and we did get random pizza days, when they'd order pizza for the whole school. Pizza day was the best day. (Some things don't change.)

2 comments on "Friday Five: Hopscotch and Crayons"
  1. I worked with 2nd graders in a summer program, when I was in college and NKotB was the rage. They taught me all the words to "The Right Stuff," which I can still sing along with. And one of them is a sports doctor now. "First time was great time; second time was a blast..."

    1. Haha, weirdly enough, I never got into NKOTB, maybe because my parents always played "easy listening" radio. (My dad only played his own CDs, and only music made before 1980, lol.) My first boy band love was Backstreet Boys. And then I got heavily into rock music for all of middle school until BTS. So really, we've come full circle.


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