Friday Five: And we are merely players

Friday, July 10, 2020
This week's Friday Five:
  1. When were you last onstage, literally or figuratively? I think the last time I was on a stage was in 2010, when I was getting my diploma from makeup school.

  2. Beginning with the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, what would you name the different personal stages you've been through to today? I had just started a new job when COVID-19 hit. So it was kind of a struggle because I had to get used to a lot of policies and procedures being changed, on top of getting used to a new work environment, especially because I was still in training. And then, of course, work got really strict with any kind of symptoms, so when I got a sore throat in mid-March, I was sent home to be quarantined for 14 days. When I went back to work after quarantine, social distancing was fully implemented and they had closed down half of my work building. But I was still going into work until the end of May, which is when my 90-day probation was over and we were sent packing with new computer equipment to work from home. Which is what I'm still doing. So I'd say: learning to walk, falling down, getting back up, and now, working from home or living from work?

  3. When did you unintentionally upstage someone, or when did someone unintentionally upstage you? I unintentionally upstaged my last manager at MAC all the damn time because she didn't know how to do a single fucking thing in the back office. Like, she didn't even know how to adjust the margins of a document to print. I made her look like such an idiot in front of our regional manager. (Frankly, she deserved it. She's a straight-up bitch.)

  4. How or when do you experience stage fright? When I'm talking in front of a group. I haven't needed to do it in quite a while now, but when I was a manager at MAC, I had to present or talk to my staff during meetings, or talk in front of a group of colleagues at update trainings. I'd always be a nervous before I had to talk, like I could hear my voice start off shaky and feel my heart beating faster.

  5. What are you in the early stages of, and what are you the late stages of? I'm in the early stages of financial independence, and in the late stages of financial dependence.

2 comments on "Friday Five: And we are merely players"
  1. Ooh, I like your stage titles. :) It's been a crazy few months, hasn't it?

    Snack boredom and IG stagnation inspired me to seek regional potato chip companies who would ship to Honolulu. There are a lot of regional companies, but few who'll ship to Honolulu without charging $50 for an $18 box. It's ridiculous. I did find a variety box on Amazon of Route 11 chips, though, and they're on their way! :)

    1. Ooh, they make crab-flavoured chips! Do a review when you get them! :)


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