Friday Five: The most convenient definitions

Friday, May 1, 2020
This week's Friday Five:
  1. So — so on Monday, what happens? Back at work, wishing I got more than four hours of sleep because I have to wake up at 5:00AM for work now (my team's shift now starts at 7:00AM instead of 7:30AM because the bank has mandated that the whole building be deep cleaned from 3:00PM to 4:00PM) and I sleep in on the weekends even though I know it'll screw me over on Monday. On the bright side, they've moved my team to a totally separate tower of the building, so we have an isolated department with our own cubicles now.

  2. What was that ruckus? 

  3. What do you know about trigonometry? I can honestly say that now, at the age of 33, absolutely nothing. Not a single thing. It was my worst subject in high school so I chose to do finite instead of trig in senior year. Quite frankly, I haven't had to do anything but basic math since then, so.

  4. Vodka? When do you drink vodka? I haven't had vodka since my 24th birthday.

  5. How'd you like to go fishing this weekend? I'll politely decline. I'm not into fishing. But I'm getting back into playing The Sims 4, so I'll make my character go fishing.
6 comments on "Friday Five: The most convenient definitions"
  1. BTS is scheduled to perform on Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards tomorrow night.

    1. if she could possibly be unaware of this. :)

    2. Very probably.

      More of a way to tell everyone about my niece making her first telephone call.

      Claire: Are you still friends with that lady in Canada who loves BTS?
      勝美: Claire? Uh huh.
      Claire: You should tell her BTS is going to be on Nick.
      勝美: ♫ ♪ Nick Nick Nick Nick Nick Nick Nick Nick ♫
      Claire: ♫ NICKELODEON! ♪
      勝美: That's is very thoughtful of you. I'll be sure to tell her.

      Then she sang a new song she learned in virtual school and hung up. We'll have to work on the salutation annd farewell etiquette part. And not to breathe directly into the microphone.

    3. LOL!! I was aware because of Twitter (they're going to make an appearance via video!), but tell your niece I really appreciate her relaying the information nonetheless - and using her first phone call for it, too! (Ah, the power of BTS!) I think it's hilarious that I'm the friend in Canada who loves BTS - really, there's no other way I'd like to be known. ;)

  2. That song is pretty cool. I dig the vocals -- trying to think of who she reminds me of. What's up with the two drummers near the end? Are they one of those rare bands who has two drummers?

    I haven't been doing too much snacking this past week, but I did pick up some tiramisu Oreos for the weekend. Although I'm not a huge cookie guy (unless they're awesome, they're most likely to go stale before I get through the bag), I couldn't resist the novelty. Because who doesn't love tiramisu? What about you?

    1. She has that kind of scratchy, pack-a-day voice that reminds me of Brody Dalle of The Distillers, but you're right, she does sound like someone else that I can't put my finger on...

      I have no idea about the drummers, tbh. Die Mannequin is a band that has had many member changes over the years... The only member that has remained the same is the lead singer/songwriter, Care, who started the band. I knew her from when she was 15/16 - it was around 2003/2004. She was in another band called Deep Six at the time, and they played at all the local dives here in Toronto. My cousin and I saw them all the time because we had a friend in another band and they'd play all the same local shows. Didn't hear music from her for a long time after that, though - she was a heroin addict and ended up going to rehab. Came back around 2008 releasing an album with a new band called Die Mannequin. They actually made it fairly big - they toured North America and had several music videos get some air play - and I went to a couple shows and saw them perform at RiotFest in 2015. But they seem to have disappeared again. Possible label issues. Or perhaps she got back into drugs. Who knows.

      Tiramisu Oreos?!??!!! Another perk of being American, I suppose. I'm the same way with cookies - not crazy into them, but love the novelty of certain types. I don't love Oreos, for example, but when the Carrot Cake version came out? I had to try it. (It remains my favourite flavour of Oreo.) Now, how would you rate the Tiramisu Oreos?

      I got myself some Lay's Ketchup Chips for the weekend. :) It's what I was craving.


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