Friday Five: Forward

Friday, March 6, 2020
This week's Friday Five:
  1. What is something you're not looking forward to this weekend? Daylight Savings ends. I don't get enough sleep as it is and now I have to lose an hour? ON A SUNDAY? How rude.

  2. What lies ahead of the weekend? Um, work. But we had a pot luck today and it was awesome! Fri-yay, indeed.

  3. What are you making progress on? Work training. It's a ten-week intensive training program because working at a bank is no fucking joke. But that having been said, we had our first exam today and I was one out of two people in my 18-person class to get 100%, so I'm feeling pretty smug.

  4. What were you most recently a little too early for? Work training. I always get to the building like, 20 minutes early. I get paranoid because traffic gets exponentially heavier around 7:00AM, and I hate being late.

  5. When did something fun unexpectedly spring up? Found out about some BTS Suga birthday events happening this weekend a few days ago, so Ying and I are gonna try to hit up two on Sunday! (I lose an hour of sleep on Sunday, but BTS IS ALWAYS WORTH IT.)
2 comments on "Friday Five: Forward"
  1. I swear my goal next week will be five questions where a BTS answer is impossible. :)


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