BTS at 33rd Golden Disc Awards: FAKE LOVE and IDOL

Sunday, January 6, 2019

These are very likely going to be the last two live broadcasted performances of "FAKE LOVE" and "IDOL" as we are moving into a new era soon (the comeback is slated for the first half of 2019, so I'm guessing sometime in April or May, to anniversary Love Yourself: Tear). Not gonna lie, I'm gonna miss the "FAKE LOVE" concepts; the dark theme, the mysterious masks, the leather harnesses. (Seriously, "FAKE LOVE" is sexy. And also, if Park Jimin wasn't already my bias, he definitely would be now.) As for "IDOL," I always saw it as a celebration song for BTS and for ARMY, a kind of anthem of self-acceptance and self-love; the pounding African beats and rhythmic chanting make it a perfect song to play at stadiums. Their stages for it are always bigger than life, too, and the one at the 33rd Golden Disc Awards were really no different with the gigantic haetae statue they were rolled in on. I really wonder how their future performances are going to beat these ones.
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