NYC — Winter 2015: Georgetown Cupcake

Saturday, February 21, 2015
As you know, shopping can really build up an appetite. So despite how full we were after our heavy lunch at Balthazar, we were ready for a snack a few hours later. A snack that consisted of half a dozen cupcakes at Georgetown Cupcake. If you watch DC Cupcakes on TLC, you'll be familiar with Georgetown already. If not, Georgetown Cupcake was started in Washington, DC, in 2008 by two sisters (who are actually from Toronto!), which got so popular that they ended up expanded to six other locations (and has been featured in multiple magazines and TV shows along the way). Since I don't watch TV or keep up with the cupcake game, I had never heard of Georgetown Cupcake until Austin told me about it, and he wanted to stop by there since we were in Soho, anyway.

$16.50 for a half-dozen

Red Velvet


Chocolate Salted Caramel

Maybe it was the time of day (almost 6:00), so the cupcakes weren't at their freshest, but I found the cakes to be on the drier, denser side overall. The vegan carrot was the only exception: it was actually soft and moist, with bits of nuts and fruit in every bite. Not a typical choice for a cupcake, but actually the one I'd recommend most! On that note, though, the frosting on all six were amazing, and this is where Georgetown excels. I would say the red velvet had the best frosting, made with real cream cheese (as it should be), and whipped to a pillowy delight. In terms of flavour, I would say the chocolate salted caramel married the best; I'm not a huge chocolate person, but they use dark chocolate in the cake, and it was tempered well by the salty-sweet frosting. The strawberry cheesecake, a seasonal flavour, is also noteworthy. The cake is vanilla with bits of strawberry in it that adds a nice tartness, but it's the strawberry-infused cream cheese frosting really makes this cupcake shine. I am glad to report that none of these were tooth-achingly sweet, either.

Vegan Carrot

Strawberry Cheesecake

Lemon Blossom

Each cupcake had a perfect cake-to-frosting ratio, and wasn't so big so that eating one (or three) is too filling or overwhelming (I hate cupcakes that are made too big — I could've just gotten myself a cake then, you know?). I also find these to be some of the more aesthetically pleasing offerings out there; neatly frosted so you can still see the cake underneath, and simply adorned (how cute is that little lemon candy?) to just showcase what the flavour is. They have lots of fun flavours that change both daily and seasonally, so there's a really great variety, too. Not the best cupcakes in the city (though if you like your cakes on the harder side, you will love these), but it's fun and satisfying if you're looking for a fix in Soho. Weirdly enough, they also make one of the best chai lattes I've ever had.

Georgetown Cupcake
111 Mercer Street
New York, NY 10012
(212) 431-4504
2 comments on "NYC — Winter 2015: Georgetown Cupcake"
  1. I agree - cupcakes should be cupcake-sized - that's the whole point. It's enough for one person. These look delightful - it's a shame they weren't as scrumptiously moist and delicious as they should have been! I miss Trophy Cupcake in Seattle a lot, now, lol. Nothing like that here.

    1. They weren't bad by any means, but considering that they specialize in cupcakes, you'd think they'd have tweaked their batter to be softer, more moist. I thought maybe we just got a less fresh batch, but I've since read a lot of reviews that say similar things about their cake. :( If their cake was as good as their frosting, they'd run other cupcakeries out of business!


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