Thursday Threes: Vol. 8

Thursday, July 13, 2017
The last 3 things I ate:
  • Strawberry jelly and maple sugar Timbits from Tim Horton's
  • Chicken herb alfredo with garlic ciabatta from Moxie's for dinner
  • An everything bagel with dill cream cheese and smoked salmon for lunch

Chicken herb alfredo from Moxie's

The last 3 things I did:
  • Met up with Chelsea for coffee and doughnuts at Tim Horton's
  • Had dinner with Hannan at Moxie's after work
  • Worked

The last 3 purchases I made:

The next 3 things I want to watch:

  • Atomic Blonde — Charlize Theron. James McAvoy. Kickassery. What more do you need?
  • Sense8 — I've been saying that I need to watch this for over a year. People have been telling me it's one of the best shows they've ever watched. Now that all the episodes have been released (it's been announced that it's canceled), I really need to hunker down and start it.
  • Stranger Things — Again, I've been saying I need to watch this for the better part of a year. It's been announced that Season 2 premieres on October 27, so at least I have some time to catch up. Man, Netflix has been on fire with their original series this past year.

The last 3 songs I played:
  • Stalking Gia - Second Nature
  • Jamie xx (feat. Romy) - Loud Places
  • Zella Day - Man on the Moon

The last 3 apps I used on my phone:
  • Instagram
  • Messages
  • Music

3 makeup items I used on my face today:

3 things that are sitting closest to me right now (aside from my iPhone):

3 items of clothing I wore today:
  • A black crepe Wilfred sleeveless V-neck top
  • A black drapey blazer from Zara
  • A pair of black wide waistband leggings from Zara

3 things I want to accomplish tomorrow ('cause it's my day off):
  • Pay my credit card bill
  • Shop for some new clothes online at Zara
  • Look for a new pair of ankle boots because my old ones now have a massive hole in the bottom
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