Saturday Nine: The Joker (1973)

Saturday, July 8, 2017
This week's Saturday Nine:

  1. In this song, Steve Miller claims he's a picker, grinner, sinner, lover, smoker and joker. Do any of those six words describe you? Nowadays, it's mostly just "smoker." Maybe occasionally "joker."

  2. He maintains he's still a midnight toker. When's the last time you got high? Maybe three or four years ago?

  3. The lyrics include a reference to peaches. Name your favourite fruit. It's a tie between strawberries, mangoes, and watermelon.

  4. This song had a big impact on the character of Joey on Friends, who had an imaginary friend named Maurice with the occupation of space cowboy. Did you ever have an imaginary friend? I actually didn't. I was too busy drawing and colouring to even care to have an imaginary friend.

  5. Steve Miller is the pride of Milwaukee, WI. What else is Milwaukee famous for? Um... beer?

  6. Steve Miller considers himself a serious blues guitarist. When did you last feel like singing the blues? Honestly, I never feel like singing the blues.

  7. In 1973, when this song was popular, you could buy a portable 8-track tape player for $44.50. On what device do you listen to music most often? My iPhone. All of my music (whether transferred from CD or digital download) is in my iTunes Library and now I mostly use Apple Music, so it's just the most convenient for me.

  8. A Curious George book packaged with a Curious George plush toy was a big seller at Christmas 1973. Tell us about a toy — either given or received — that brightened a holiday or birthday for you. For my 25th birthday, my boyfriend at the time bought me a gigantic Totoro plush because he knew how much I loved My Neighbor Totoro (it was the first movie I ever saw; it was 1990, and my dad had recorded it on VHS). It still sits proudly on my dresser in my room.

  9. M*A*S*H was one of TV's top-rated shows in 1973. Who is your favourite M*A*S*H character? I have never watched a single episode of M*A*S*H in my life despite it being played in syndication for years and years growing up. (Like, without fail, every time I would click to TV Guide, M*A*S*H was being played on at least five channels.)
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