Thursday Threes: Vol. 7

Thursday, June 15, 2017
The last 3 things I ate:
  • Steamed pork soup dumplings (xiao long bao), pan-fried pork dumplings, pan-fried green onion pancakes, and sliced rice cake soup with shredded pork and pickled cabbage at Ding Tai Fung
  • An excessive amount of sliced beef, beef ribs, pork belly, and shrimp at Gyubee Japanese BBQ
  • Two Melona bars in mango and strawberry for dessert

The last 3 things I did:
  • Had dinner at Gyubee Japanese BBQ
  • Went to the mall to buy some stuff from Bath & Body Works
  • Went to a private Estée Lauder Companies warehouse sale

The last 3 purchases I made:

The last 3 things I watched:

  • Wonder Woman — I went in without any expectations and without reading any reviews or seeing any ratings. And I was blown away. Honestly, it's probably the best superhero movie I've ever seen and definitely my favourite superhero origin story. Absolutely stunning visuals, amazing plot (I actually didn't know a lot about Wonder Woman, and I was fascinated to learn that Greek mythology plays such a big role in her story), well-directed, well-written, and surprisingly well-acted. I didn't know who Gal Gadot was, but I'm so glad they cast her (as it turns out, she's quite bad ass in real life, too). She's phenomenal as Wonder Woman and I'm surprised that it took her this long to get a lead role. Also, she is fit AF.
  • iZombie — I'm kind of obsessed with Blaine. David Anders is so, so good in antagonist roles (e.g. Sark in Alias, Adam Monroe in Heroes, John Gilbert in The Vampire Diaries, Frankenstein/Dr. Whale on Once Upon a Time).
  • Riverdale Holy, plot twist! Can't believe we have to wait until October for Season 2. Arrrggghhhh. 

The last 3 songs I played:
  • Rise Against - Far From Perfect
  • Foo Fighters - Run
  • Incubus - State of the Art

The last 3 apps I used on my phone:
  • Instagram
  • RBC Mobile
  • Music

3 makeup items I used on my face today:

3 things that are sitting closest to me right now (aside from my iPhone):

3 things I'm currently wearing:
  • A grey TNA long-sleeve V-neck tee 
  • A pair of black Drape Pants from Uniqlo
  • A pair of slippers from Uniqlo

3 things I want to accomplish today:
  • Paint my nails because it's been two weeks and they are atrocious
  • Finally organize all the makeup that's been accumulating on my desktop
  • Get my ETR 407 billing account in order and get a new transponder
2 comments on "Thursday Threes: Vol. 7"
  1. Good post, I liked your approach here to share three things you share with your reader so that they can choose any one from it. Going to practice the same, thanks for sharing it

    1. Thank you! It's a nice way to show a glimpse of your everyday life. :)


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