Makeup and Beauty Blog: Monday Poll, Vol. 478

Monday, June 5, 2017
This week's Monday Poll:
  1. What did you do for your makeup today (or what do you plan to do if you haven't gotten ready yet)? I used the new MAC x Steve J & Yoni P Touch Me Baby Eyeshadow Duo on my eyes with a couple of the darker brown shades from the Morphe Bronzed Mocha Eyeshadow Palette to smoke it out; the MAC x Steve J & Yoni P Sugar or Syrup Blush on my cheeks with MAC Superb Extra Dimension Skinfinish as my highlight; and the MAC x Steve J & Yoni P Spotlight Me Lipstick mixed with Too Faced Naked Dolly La Crème Lipstick. (Also, reviews on all the MAC x Steve J & Yoni P products I used will be up in the next few days!)

  2. Low-rise or high-rise pants? High-rise leggings.

  3. If you were a doughnut (just humour me), what doughnut would you be? The Peanut Butter & Blackberry Jam Doughnut from Doughnut Plant. It's sweet but not too sweet, 'cause the jam adds a tartness and the peanut butter makes it a little savoury. It's fluffy on the inside, edgy on the outside, and totally unique. (Now I'm just really hungry.)

  4. What eye cream/serum are you currently using (if you're using one at all, and if you aren't, tell me why!)? Fresh Rose Hydrating Eye Gel Cream. I get dry patches around my eyes (my lids are prone to eczema) so this helps calm it down. I really like it; I'm just finishing up my second jar.

  5. Did you ever want to be Wonder Woman as a kid? Nah. Wasn't that into Wonder Woman as a kid. I was really into X-Men, though, and wanted to be Storm for a while before realizing that Phoenix/Jean Grey was way cooler. She's my fave to this day, actually.

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