Friday Five: Tiny Gestures

Friday, June 9, 2017
This week's Friday Five:
  1. What might you put in a small, pretty glass bottle as a romantic gift to someone? I'm not really sentimental anymore (I'm more into practical gifts these days), but I guess paper stars? I used to fold hundreds of them when I was a kid and I had them in jars everywhere in my room. They weren't for anyone but me, but I guess I could fold some more to give to a significant other... Although I don't think any boyfriend of mine would really care for a pretty glass bottle of paper stars. Or a pretty glass bottle of anything, really. I guess I could roll up tickets to a concert for a favourite band? That's pretty thoughtful. (Now I'm just thinking of things I'd love to receive. Whatever.)

  2. Someone you care very much for is leaving for a long time but will be back. What small object (not a photo) might you give him or her to remember you by? A food-related keychain 'cause my friends all know me as a foodie, and all I really do with them is eat. So, maybe a sushi keychain. Or an ice cream one (I actually have one of these). Or a pizza one.

  3. If you were to leave a small mark in your current residence, as lasting evidence that you lived there, what would you leave, and where would you leave it? I'd maybe scratch out my initials in a baseboard in the corner of my bedroom behind the door. (I don't want it to be that visible because, you know, re-sell value and all that.)

  4. What would you like to toss into the fires of Mount Doom? Old photos of me from late elementary school to middle school. I had braces and glasses and acne, and it was not a good time.

  5. Those adopt-a-star things are gimmicky rip-offs, but if they weren't, and someone gave you one as a gift, what would you name it? Amber Lights, after my favourite MAC eyeshadow.
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