Makeup and Beauty Blog: Monday Poll, Vol. 477

Monday, May 29, 2017
This week's Monday Poll:
  1. Whatcha wearing on your lips? Just Fresh Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment, because it's my day off and I'm staying home.

  2. The fictional character you'd most want to have on your side in a zombie/alien/killer virus/government takeover apocalypse? Maybe Four from the Divergent series (the Four from the book series, though, not the movies). He's fearless, intelligent, strategic, resourceful, and has incredible target accuracy. Also, in my mind, he's really good-looking; I imagine him to look like Hunter Parrish but with darker hair. (I was really, really disappointed when they cast Theo James as Four in the movies. As superficial as it is, it's one of the reasons I didn't care to watch them.) Which I think is a nice bonus when the world is so bleak, you know?

  3. In your estimation, what's a beauty brand that doesn't get its due? They are getting more attention now that some of their products are being carried at Sephora, but Toronto-based skincare company Deciem (and the many brands under their umbrella) has some fantastic, super-effective skincare that is far cheaper than many other brands' using the same ingredients and/or technologies.

    On the flip side, I think another brand that doesn't get its due these days is another Toronto-based company: MAC. Yes, they are a huge global brand now, but I feel like they get more backlash than any other brand out there, and I'm not sure how or why this happened. While not all their products or collections are hits, I do feel like they are one brand that continues to be innovative in trends, colours, and formulas. When everyone was coming out with liquid lipsticks, people were like, "Why hasn't MAC come out with one?" But MAC had already had one — the now discontinued Pro Longwear Lip Colour — that they released a decade before the liquid lipstick trend. Those oval brushes? MAC had the patent on that brush technology over five years ago before it was released to the public. People think Artis made them first, but they didn't (makes sense, though, since Artis was started by the former senior vice president of MAC). Same with collaborations. MAC collaborated with musicians, fashion houses, and other major franchises (like Disney, Hello Kitty, Wonder Woman, etc.) before anyone else was doing it. Now, all these brands are collabing with social media influencers, but MAC started this whole idea with their Bloggers' Obsession collection in 2011. Say what you will, but MAC will always be a pioneer in makeup.

  4. How do you feel about the Dirty Dancing remake? As I wasn't even aware of a Dirty Dancing remake until this very question, I'm gonna say I feel totally indifferent since I have no real inclination towards the original.

  5. How do you think you'd look with a beard? Kinda ridiculous but also kinda bad ass, because most Asians can't grow a beard.

  6. Chili or mac & cheese? Mac and cheese, forever and always.

  7. What’s something kinda weird you like doing? I don't know if it's really that weird, but I like painting my nails while watching Good Mythical Morning. They have so much content that encompasses so many topics, and each episode is about 12 minutes so it's long enough to be informative and interesting but also short enough that you don't get bored (also around the amount of time I let one coat dry). Plus, I totally have a crush on Rhett.

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