Sunday Video Love: Black Black Heart

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Since posting the music video for "Resurrection" a couple weeks ago, I've been re-discovering Moist's Creature, falling in love with gems like "Gasoline," "Tangerine," "Ophelia," and "Leave it Alone" all over again. Of course, that led me to look up just what David Usher is doing now (as it turns out, quite a lot — aside from having sold 1.4 million albums as a musician, he is also a bestselling author, entrepreneur, and keynote speaker), which then led me to re-discovering his solo material. I popped in his Morning Orbit album, and upon listening to the opening of this song — a sample of the Flower Duet — instant flashbacks of high school came back to me. I used to play this song on repeat — a reprieve from all the angsty post-hardcore and screamo I was listening to at the time — and I never really appreciated the genius use of duality, both sonically and lyrically, in it until now. It's been over 15 years, and this song is still as haunting, sensual, and compelling as ever.
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