Friday Five: Rest

Friday, February 24, 2017
This week's Friday Five:
  1. When did you last need a few days of complete rest and nothing else? Earlier this week. I'm finally on vacation this week, and I've been so exhausted with work (especially through Christmas) that I just spent the first two days of the week sleeping and vegging out and taking naps from vegging out so hard. It was rather glorious.

  2. How do you keep yourself occupied when you have to be in bed all day and night? Reading. And if I get tired of reading, then I'll watch something on Netflix.

  3. Who do you most want to hear from when you have to withdraw to your bed for a few days of rest? No one. I feel like shit, I look like shit, I sound like shit. I don't want to be in contact with anyone.

  4. What adverse effects have you experienced while staying in bed for a few days? I usually don't stay in bed for more than like, two days if I'm sick, and then I go straight back to work. But I imagine I'd get cabin fever.

  5. When you first notice a few symptoms, are you more likely to shut everything down right away, or try to power through until you don't have a choice anymore? I'm more likely to shut everything down right away, because symptoms only get worse if you don't rest immediately. I'll take extra vitamins and echinacea from the first signs of illness to try to boost my immune system, and then just rest my body for as long as possible.
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