Thursday Threes: Vol. 1

Thursday, January 19, 2017
I was reading Liz's post, which featured her latest "threes" (e.g. the last three things she ate, read, bought, etc.), and thought it was a great idea for a weekly blog segment, kind of like a little snapshot of what's going on in life. (There are only so many beauty reviews I can post in one week. I want to add a little more variety here. Plus, I do work full time, and beauty reviews are time-consuming.) I've decided to do this on Thursdays, 'cause I've realized that I very rarely post anything on Thursdays, and also because I can call this Thursday Threes (you know, the power of alliteration and whatnot). So, here's my first one, and hopefully, I'll be good about doing it weekly.

The last 3 things I ate:
  • White toast
  • A banana
  • Plain congee
(Yeah, it's been a boring day, food-wise. I've had food poisoning so I need to eat clean.)

The last 3 things I did:
  • Have a cigarette
  • Drink ginger ale
  • Put hand cream on

The last 3 purchases I made:

The last 3 things I watched:

  • The latest two episodes of Shadowhunters: Season 2 — It's a guilty pleasure, okay? I like to watch it when I'm doing my nails.
  • La La Land — I watched this just after Christmas and it was so much more than I expected. Even the guys I went to see it with enjoyed it, and trust me, they're not musical-romantic-comedy people. I originally wanted to watch it 'cause hi, Ryan Gosling's in it, and I am loyal AF. Musicals can get really boring really fast, but this one was beautifully done: whimsical, nostalgic, mostly sweet but a little cynical. The singing and dancing intertwine with the storyline at a good pace, so those who don't really like musicals can still get into it. The plot starts off very happy-go-lucky and head-in-the-clouds but ends up being much deeper and bittersweet. The songs are well-written and emotional but catchy. Ryan and Emma are beautiful, and their on-screen chemistry is a joy to watch. Honestly, I kept talking about it for days after I watched it. All those Golden Globe wins are really well-deserved.
  • Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life — I've only re-watched it once. So far.

The last 3 songs I played:
  • Coolio - Gangsta's Paradise
  • DMX - Ruff Ryders' Anthem
  • Lauryn Hill - Everything is Everything
(I'm listening to my '90s hip hop playlist.)

The last 3 apps I used on my phone:
  • iBooks
  • Words with Friends
  • Instagram

The next 3 books I want to read:

3 things I'm currently wearing:
  • A dark grey TNA long-sleeved V-neck shirt
  • Black sweatpants from Uniqlo
  • My turquoise raccoon fuzzy socks from Bath & Body Works

3 things I want to accomplish today:
  • Paint my nails because they are looking haggard
  • Do at least two loads of laundry because it's been over two weeks
  • Take product and swatch photos of at least two beauty products I've been testing out
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