Saturday Nine: Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go (1984)

Saturday, January 14, 2017
This week's Saturday Nine:

  1. This song was inspired by a note Wham! partner Andrew Ridgeley left for his parents. He accidentally wrote "go" twice. What was the last handwritten note you left for someone? I leave handwritten notes for my colleagues all the time at work, whether they're reminders or just a "Good morning!" for the opening manager. I actually think the last note I left was for the rest of my management team regarding a bride who needed makeup appointments for eight bridesmaids in August.

  2. Born Georgios Panayiotou, George Michael was the son of the Greek restauranteur in East London. When you think of Greek cuisine, what comes to mind? Souvlaki, gyros, Greek salad, tzatziki sauce, spanakopita, moussaka, oven-baked lamb, pita bread, feta cheese, olives... Oh, man, I am so hungry now.

  3. He was a terrible driver and admitted his license was suspended a number of times. Have you ever lost your license? My license was suspended once several years ago. I was running late for work on Civic Holiday and had taken the HOV (high occupancy vehicle a.k.a. carpool) lane on the 404 by myself in an attempt to get to work faster, but there were police hiding in the tunnel transfer to the 401 for the sole purpose of catching people misusing the HOV lane. Anyway, I got a ticket for it, and they send you a court date to either plead guilty or not guilty, and my court date got lost in the mail because I was changing addresses at the time. So I got pulled over one night two years later while I was driving with my ex-boyfriend, and the cop was like, "Did you know that your license is suspended?" And by that time, I had forgotten all about the ticket because it takes them so fucking long to issue a court date, so the cop was like, "You probably got a ticket that you missed the court date for. I'm not going to give you a ticket, just get your boyfriend to drive you home, and then get to the court ASAP to get a new date." So, yes, my license was suspended for a weekend.

  4. Wham! partner Andrew Ridgeley, on the other hand, is a talented driver who got to live his fantasy by racing Formula Three in Monaco. There are companies that sell racetrack driving experiences that allow you to spin around the track at dizzying speeds. Is this something you like to try? Yes. I would also love to drive on the Autobahn one day.

  5. In 1990, Frank Sinatra famously gave George Michael advice. Ol' Blue Eyes told the younger man to enjoy his fame, to remember all those lean nights traveling from gig to gig by bus and, now that he's successful, "loosen up and swing, man." Who last gave you advice? Did you take it? My mom consistently tells me to take extra Vitamin C pills because I work closely with so many people and there's so many sicknesses floating around right now. But then I promptly forget her advice. So, no.

  6. Mr. Michael's neighbours have reported since his passing that he seemed to live rather quietly, and that they usually saw him when he was out walking his three dogs. Tell us about the last time you spoke to one of your neighbours. I don't talk to my neighbours. They're old and nosy. I think I said 'hi' to one of them like, three months ago.

  7. Fansites tell us that George Michael's favourite cereal was corn flakes. What breakfast cereals are currently in your kitchen? Cheerios, Honey Nut Cheerios, and Reese's Puffs.

  8. In 1984, when "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" was popular, Murder, She Wrote premiered on CBS. Today it's still seen in reruns all over the world. Are you a fan? I have never watched an episode in my life.

  9. Random question: What's your secret to a good night's sleep? A quiet mind. You've gotta be truly tired to have a good sleep or you'll go into over-thinking mode, which is why I like to read until I can't keep my eyes open anymore. Also, total darkness. 
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