Pick-Ups & Deliveries: Haul No. 62

Wednesday, January 4, 2017
Happy New Year! I'm not going to ruminate on 2016 here, suffice it to say that there were a lot of ups and downs and I'm glad 2017 is here. Which, of course, brings me to my first real post of the year, which just so happens to be my December haul. Last month proved to be incredibly busy for me so I didn't have a lot of time to spend on my computer, and you may have noticed that I've just been posting YouTube videos and memes here for the past couple of weeks, but January is a much slower month for me so I should be back here more regularly with beauty posts. Surprisingly, I didn't do an incredible amount of shopping in December, maybe because November took most of my money, and also because most of my December budget was spent on Christmas gifts. But I did manage to make a few cheeky purchases for myself, and received some lovely goodies along the way.

Violet Voss Holy Grail Eyeshadow Palette

Violet Voss Glitters in Wendy, Goldie, Golden Fairy, and Copperella

I finally got my hands on the Violet Voss Holy Grail Palette, which I'd been on the hunt for, for at least four months. I got an e-mail notification that they were finally re-stocking it, which has been re-designed in their new holographic packaging, so I immediately went to order it from their website. And since I was going to have to pay for shipping, anyway, I decided to get several glitters from them as well (in Wendy, Goldie, Golden Fairy, and Copperella) 'cause, you know, 'tis the season for all things sparkly. 

Makeup Geek Fair Highlighter Bundle: Lit, Midnight Sun, and Luster

Makeup Geek Foiled Eyeshadows in Nostalgic, Curtain Call, and Legend

As you know, I've been obsessed with Makeup Geek's highlighters since getting the Kathleen Lights palette, and when they finally came out with single highlighters permanently, I knew I was going to want to get all of them. My friend Chelsea did get me the Makeup Geek Medium Highlighter Bundle for my birthday, but I really wanted the Fair Bundle as well (I actually quite like the Porcelain and Deep sets as well, but I know I won't use them often, so I'm going to forego those for now), so I ordered that as well as three of the new Foiled Eyeshadows that they launched in the fall. I was tempted to order the whole expansion set, but I knew, realistically, that I wouldn't make use of all of them so I just ordered my three favourites (Nostalgic, Curtain Call, and Legend). You see, I can totally be reasonable.

Too Faced Sweet Peach Glow Peach-Infused Highlighting Palette

Too Faced Papa Don't Peach Peach-Infused Blush

There actually weren't a lot of new launches in December that I was excited for, but both of Too Faced's Sweet Peach Highlighting Palette and Blush were on the top of my Christmas list. (I'm incredibly annoyed at how the Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Palette was so limited and so coveted and everyone scrambled to get one when it originally launched, and now Too Faced just decided to make it permanent.) My friend Chelsea who works at Sephora ended up getting them for me for Christmas so I didn't have to worry about getting them for myself. (But now, do I want some of the Creamy Peach Oil Lip Glosses? Hmm...) I did get a bunch of other things for Christmas as well, including gift cards for Starbucks and Cineplex and Wal-Mart, lots of Bath & Body Works hand soaps and fuzzy shea-infused lounge socks (my favourite!), way too much chocolate, and money from my family. Oh, and that coupon for $25 off a $50 purchase at Sephora that I got for being a VIB Rouge member? I used that on a new full-size bottle of Fresh Sugar Lychee Eau de Parfum (no photo, because there are only so many photos of the same damn thing I can post in my hauls). 

MAC Mariah Carey My Mimi Extra Dimension Skinfinish

MAC Mariah Carey Touch My Body Loose Powder

MAC Mariah Carey Powder Blush in Sweet Sweet Fantasy and You've Got Me Feeling

MAC Mariah Carey Eyeshadow x 4 Palette in It's Everything and I'm That Chick You Like

MAC Mariah Carey Lipsticks in All I Want, Bit of Bubbly, Dahhlinggg!, MCizzle, and I Get So OOC

MAC Mariah Carey Lipglass in Rainbow Interlude, Dreamlover, It's Just Like Honey, Little Miss Monroe, and Butterfly Bling

Most of my December beauty budget was blown on the MAC and Mariah Carey collaboration. Weirdly enough, I'm not a massive Mariah fan (I grew up with and enjoy some of her music, but I'm not die-hard), but I am a MAC collector and I have to say, this collection was really beautifully done — definitely one of my favourite launches this year. The packaging is stunning (especially for Christmas), and the shades are, for the most part, incredibly wearable, both alone and with other products in the collection. (All of my reviews on these products are up: Extra Dimension SkinfinishLoose PowderPowder BlushesEyeshadow QuadsLipsticks, and Lipglasses.) No regrets on this collection — MAC and Mariah totally nailed it.

MAC Glitters in 3D Pink, 3D Brass Gold, and Gold

MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour Collection (Extension 2016)

And in some post-Christmas MAC shopping, I got some more glitters (MAC's 3D Glitters are stunning; I wish they carried them in all stores and not just at PRO) and snatched up all the shades in the new Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour extension (in earthy, neutral tones — MAC is finally catching up with their liquid lipstick game), which I will be reviewing by the end of this week.

Kate Spade Cameron Street Stacy Wallet in Emerald Ring and Hawthorne Lane Roses Stacy Wallet

The only Boxing Week shopping I did was at Kate Spade. My old bright yellow Kate Spade wallet is getting really dirty-looking so I decided to see what kind of sales they were having online (because there was no way that I was gonna fight the crowds at any mall and risk death by trampling — seriously, why do people do this to themselves?). I was perusing the sale section and ended up getting two wallets in the same style as my old yellow one (called the Stacy). Since I wear all black in my day-to-day life, I like my accessories to be colourful, so I decided on a bright emerald green one to replace the cheerful brightness of my yellow one, and then one in a girly rose print that I thought would be really cute for the spring. Best part? They were 30% off originally, and Kate Spade was giving an extra 30% off all their sale items, so I ended up getting both wallets for about $60 CAD each.

What was at the top of your Christmas wishlist? What did you end up getting for Christmas? Did you do any Boxing Day shopping? If so, what kind of sales did you score?
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