Friday Five: Animate

Friday, January 6, 2017
This week's Friday Five:
  1. In what ways are you like an ox? I'm most like an ox when I'm at work: I have a calm temperament and have a willingness to respond to demanding people, and I'm content to be doing the same type of work day to day.

  2. In what ways are you like a rabbit? "Rabbits graze heavily and rapidly for roughly the first half-hour of a grazing period (usually in the late afternoon)." This is basically me at a buffet.

  3. In what ways are you like a snake? I am carnivorous? Oh, and apparently, "after eating, snakes become dormant while the process of digestion takes place." I mean, I'm not dormant, but I do get sleepy after eating and sometimes I'll end up napping when I'm really full...

  4. In what ways are you like a goat? I am naturally inquisitive.

  5. In what ways are you like a rooster? I guess I, too, can make "a distinctive alarm call if predators are nearby."
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