Saturday Nine: Tammy (1957)

Saturday, December 31, 2016
This week's Saturday Nine:

  1. In this song,Tammy sings of being able to hear "the breeze from the bayou." What sounds can you hear as you answer these questions? I'm currently playing Tove Lo's Lady Wood album. And also, faintly, I can hear the soft whooshing sound of my air purifier.

  2. This week's song was the theme of a popular movie about a girl who grew up on a houseboat in Mississippi. Looking back on 2016, did you spend much time on or around water? Nah, though I did spend more time in water than I had in previous years when I went to a cottage for the first time ever and hung out in the lake.

  3. In addition to being an Oscar-nominated actress, this week's artist, Debbie Reynolds, was a big movie fan. She amassed an amazing cache of movie memorabilia. Do you collect anything? Makeup in general, but I have amassed a lot of MAC collections over the past eight or nine years.

  4. Though she never won a competitive Oscar for acting, Debbie Reynolds was awarded the Academy's Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award earlier this year for 60 years of charity work. While she supported many causes throughout her life, one she was closest to was The Girl Scouts. She was not only a Scout herself, she was a leader when daughter Carrie was young and a fundraiser throughout her life. Were you ever in Boy or Girl Scouts? No. I don't they're that big in Canada. I know they're around because I have bought boxes of their cookies before, but I don't see them often.

  5. The New Year's Eve fireworks celebrations in both Disney World in Florida and Sydney, Australia coordinate pyrotechnics and music. Are you expecting either fireworks or live music on your New Year's Eve celebration? Nope. I'm not celebrating New Year's Eve at all. Partially because I have to get up early to work tomorrow, but mostly because I genuinely just don't care. I wanna be in my jammies by 9:00pm, play The Sims 4, and then go to bed.

  6. According to the National Insurance Bureau, more cars are stolen on New Year's Eve than any other single day. Are you confident your vehicle(s) will be  safe and sound this Saturday night? Yes, because it will be in my garage, in a gated community.

  7. Do you have any New Year's Resolutions for 2017? I have three: Cut down on smoking, save more money, and drink more water.

  8. Looking back on 2016, what surprised you? Trump winning the U.S. election surprised me the most. But also the deaths of so many iconic people: David Bowie, Prince, Alan Rickman, Muhammad Ali, George Michael, Carrie Fisher, etc. 
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