Saturday Nine: Last Time I Saw Him (1973)

Saturday, October 1, 2016
This week's Saturday Nine:

(Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.)

  1. In this song, Miss Ross sings of a tender farewell at the bus station. When did you last say goodbye to someone at an airport, dock, train or bus station? In June, when I dropped my dad off at the airport.

  2. Continuing with the theme of "lasts," who received the last gift you gave? One of my colleagues is leaving to work somewhere else, and today was her last day so we all chipped in to get her a gift card. But if we're talking about the last gift I gave solely on my own, then it would be my friend Chelsea's parents. They invited me up to their cottage a few weeks ago, so as a token of my appreciation, I got them a bunch of three-wick candles and hand soaps from Bath & Body Works.

  3. Who last did you a favour? My mom. I asked for some cash because I was too lazy to hit up the ATM, and I e-transferred her instead.

  4. What's the last thing you dropped or broke? A ceramic bowl in my kitchen sometime last week.

  5. What's the last thing you borrowed or lent? I borrowed a pair of shorts from my friend Chelsea at her cottage a few weeks ago because I don't own shorts. And then I lent her my flannel shirt at the cottage because it got cold at night and she didn't bring an extra hoodie with her.

  6. When is the last time you danced? Maybe in the shower a few days ago?

  7. When were you last nervous? Probably going to Chelsea's cottage a few weeks ago, because I had never been to a cottage and didn't know if I was going to like it. Also because staying overnight (let alone four days) in any new place always makes me a little nervous.

  8. What was your last DIY project? No idea, I'm far too lazy to DIY.

  9. When did you last check your horoscope? Was it accurate? Just now, for the sole purpose of answering this question. This particular horoscope says: "Ok, so you might not exactly be in love with your career right now, but that does not mean that there is no bright light shining in your professional future. You are paying into an account of good karma that is going to pay off sooner or later, so just keep plugging away. You will get rewarded — the universe assures it. It's important for you to keep thinking about the goal farther down the road, and not to get too emotional about your situation right now." The first line is fairly accurate (I like my career as a whole, but it's been a bit stressful lately), but the rest of it is about the future, so I can't really say for sure.
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