Makeup and Beauty Blog: Monday Poll, Vol. 441

Monday, September 19, 2016
This week's Monday Poll:
  1. Recent junk food craving? Fries. Always fries.

  2. How do you think you'd do if you had to have long, pointy nails for a week? Terribly. They'd drive me crazy. My limit before having to cut them is about 3mm. How do people wash their hair or, like, wipe their bums after pooping?

  3. Has anything funny happened to you lately? I was doing a freelance at a hair salon on Saturday morning and somehow my clients and I started sharing some really freaky ghost stories. It wasn't exactly something that happened to me, but it was just such a random thing to be doing at 8:30 in the morning while doing makeup on a bunch of bridesmaids.

  4. How much spice and/or heat do you like in your food? I like enough spice to enhance the flavour of my food, but not so much that I can't taste my food and my tongue feels like its on fire.

  5. What was your last major makeup fail? Gold frosted lipstick on top of taupe lip liner. I was being experimental and ended up looking like the Tin Man. So, yeah, won't be doing that again.
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