Friday Five: Pees

Friday, September 9, 2016
This week's Friday Five:
  1. What's something that recently required perseverance? Getting promoted at work.

  2. What's something that's been unpleasantly persistent? I've had a huge surge of freelance requests for late summer and fall, and while I do like doing freelances here and there (it's good money, and cash, too), I'm usually too busy with my full-time job to take on too many these days. A few years ago, I did a freelance for a girl's wedding and she called me a couple weeks ago to see if I'd able do her cousin's bridal party's makeup in November. But I already knew I wouldn't be able to take time off to do it that weekend, so I referred her to another makeup artist friend of mine who solely does freelances. But she kept calling me over and over again to see if I could change my mind. Quite annoying.

  3. When has practice not proven to make perfect? When I played violin. I played for 10 years and practiced everyday, but I was never great. I was okay, decent even, but it was never to the level that I had hoped. To be fair, my heart was never in it. It was just one of those things that my parents enforced (I had to play one instrument, and I gave up piano to play violin).

  4. Where were you last required to exercise patience? Talking to my mother about an hour ago. I actually think she's getting more naggy and paranoid and pessimistic with age. So she is not a joy to talk to.

  5. How do you feel about peas? Quite delicious. I like them both in their pods (snow peas and snap peas) and de-shelled (garden peas). They're crunchy and mildly sweet and quite versatile so they work in all cuisines with almost all other flavours.

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