Friday Five: French Kissing

Friday, August 19, 2016
This week's Friday Five:
  1. What's your favourite kind of French fry? I like thinner fries that are slightly mushy (as opposed to crispy fries). McDonald's still makes my favourite stand-alone fries, to be honest. It's the only fast-food fry that I ever crave. I also really, really love cajun waffle fries, but they're hard to find here. Inspire Restaurant also does some good fries; they're similar to the McDonald's ones and they serve them with mayo, which I prefer to ketchup (I know, it's controversial). If we're talking about poutine, though (which is decidedly more French... or, at least, French-Canadian), then my favourite is from La Banquise, which uses a thicker, heartier fry (to hold all the goodies on top, naturally) but are pleasantly mushy.

    Burger and fries from Inspire

    "T-Rex" poutine from La Banquise

  2. Where can you get really good French toast? At Clinton Street Baking Company in New York. They make theirs with thick-cut brioche, caramelized bananas, roasted pecans, and warm maple butter. It is glorious.

    Brioche French toast from Clinton Street Baking Company

  3. What are your feelings about French salad dressing? Pretty indifferent. Not my first choice, but I'll eat it if it's there.

  4. What's something you know how to say in French? Quite a lot, surprisingly enough. I mean, not well enough to converse fluently, but in Ontario, it's mandatory to learn French until Grade 9, so most people here understand basic French. Like, I can go beyond, "Bonjour, comment allez-vous? J'aime manger des frites."

  5. What French films have you seen? Not a lot, actually. In fact, only one, which is Amélie. But it remains one of my favourite films to this day.

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