Sunday Video Love: Anything Anything (I'll Give You)

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Out of sheer boredom a couple nights ago, I watched a movie called Two Night Stand on Netflix. The movie itself was cute and charming and better than I thought it would be given the less-than-stellar ratings, but what stood out for me was when Alec plays a vinyl record (yes, I am aware of how painfully hipster this is) and this song comes on. It makes such an impact that it becomes a character in itself, one that is desperate and depressing and frustrated, much like the main character, Megan. But also like Megan, this song just makes you wanna dance, dance, dance until you forget all your problems.

"'You should turn this off.'
'You don't like this song?'
'Oh, no, I love this song. It's gonna make me wanna dance.'
'Yes. You should.'
'Trust me.'
'Oh, are you, like, a bad dancer?'
'Oh, no. No, no, no. I am an epic dancer. But you see, if you see me dance, you'll follow me around like a little puppy dog and it'll be embarrassing for us both. So, you have to stay here for your own safety. Trust me on that one.'"
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