Saturday Nine: Hotel California (1977)

Saturday, July 9, 2016
This week's Saturday Nine:

(Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.)

  1. Composer Don Henley says this song is about the "journey from innocence to experience." Where do find yourself on that journey? Are you more innocent, or experienced? I guess it depends; I think we're all more innocent in some ways and more experienced in others. But I guess if we're talking generally, I'm on the more experienced side of things than innocent.

  2. The lyrics refers to the "warm smell of colitas." Do you know what it is that the Eagles noticed in the air? Marijuana.

  3. The girl in the song had her head turned by luxury, including jewelry from Tiffany's and Mercedes Benz autos. Do you consider yourself materialistic? Yeah, of course, it's what makes the world go round. I mean, I think almost all of our society's purchases are non-essential. I'm not that person to need jewelry from Tiffany's, for example, or Chanel purses or what have you. But I appreciate nice things and am totally unapologetic about it.

  4. This recording has been lauded by music publications for for its long guitar solo. Are you good on the guitar? Definitely not. I tried to learn the guitar when I was 17 — I started with classical and got quickly bored of it because there was just so much technicality and theory, so decided to move onto electrical because I obviously had rock star dreams of grandeur — and then I got too busy with school and stopped having the patience to learn it. I might pick it up again one day, though because it's ultimately my favourite instrument.

  5. There's an error in the lyrics and Don Henley can get a bit testy when interviewers bring it to his attention. Here's the lyric: "So I called up the captain and said, 'Please bring me your wine.' He said, 'We haven't had that spirit here since 1969.'" Do you know what's wrong with it? Wine isn't a spirit, but I don't think this lyric is supposed to be taken literally.

  6. Known as the Eagles' drummer, Henley now spends less time at his drum kit. Sitting at that angle for an extended period of time hurts his back. Sam believes this proves all those warnings she heard from her parents about good posture are true. Do you pay attention to your posture? God, no, my posture is terrible any time I'm sitting, and I get neck and back aches because of it. I honestly need to see a chiropractor again. If I didn't have a job that required me to stand all day, I'd probably have back arthritis by now.

  7. Joe Walsh is considered the wild man of the Eagles. Think of your circle of friends. Who is the most unpredictable? I actually think we're all pretty predictable... Not in a bad way, we're just all too busy with work to do anything that crazy.

  8. In 1977, Star Wars premiered. How many Star Wars movies have you seen? Hmm, tricky question. Definitely the first one, because my ex-boyfriend made me watch it with him after he had learned that I had never seen it. And most of The Phantom Menace, because I went to watch it in theatres when it came out but I had just come back from Hong Kong and had jet lag, so I fell asleep during it. I might have started The Empire Strikes Back with the same ex-boyfriend but just fell asleep during it... and I think I saw Attack of the Clones in the theatre as well, but I don't remember the plot at all... So really, only one in completion.

  9. Random question: "Nosocomephobia" is the fear of hospitals. Are you nosocomephobic? No.
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