Makeup and Beauty Blog: Monday Poll, Vol. 426

Monday, June 6, 2016
This week's Monday Poll:
  1. What are three things on your bucket list? Becoming a regional trainer and senior global artist for my current company, starting my own cosmetics line, and skydiving.

  2. Is it ever OK to snoop through someone's email? Only to obtain evidence for a criminal trial, like if I was the investigator in a murder case or trying to bust some drug deal or laundering ring. Otherwise, no. It's like someone tapping your phone, but worse because there can be credit card details or account information on there as well. Like, parents that try to snoop through their kids' e-mails? WTF? Respect their privacy. Would you want them going through your drawers and finding your condoms/lube/sex toys/drug stash/whatever floats your boat? It's the same thing; you're looking for trouble.

  3. Would you rather wear a Lady Gaga meat dress to your wedding or lose a front tooth on your wedding day? Meat dress. Losing a front tooth is permanent and then you have to go through the trouble of getting a bridge.

  4. Do you use colour correctors on a daily basis? On myself, no. At work, yes. I always get two or three clients who have really bad dark circles and I need to bust out that orange highlighting pen...

  5. Ocean, river, lake or swimming pool? To look at, I'd say ocean. To swim in, I'd say pool, 'cause it's more private and it's in a controlled environment. Also, chlorine.
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