Friday Five: The Middle

Friday, April 15, 2016
This week's Friday Five:
  1. What's something you're in the middle of? Episode 5 of Shadowhunters, which is actually pretty terrible but I can't stop watching it. I have a soft spot for The Mortal Instruments series. Plus, everyone's just so ridiculously good-looking. (Also, I just got Netflix two days ago. This is going to be really dangerous. Like, how do people even leave their houses?)

  2. What's in the middle of you? Intestines, organs, things like that. But I did just eat Taco Bell for dinner, so add one Cheesy Gordita Crunch, one Soft Taco, and one order of Fries Supreme to that as well...

  3. What is your residence in the middle of? A big gated adult-living suburban neighbourhood. Yeah, that's right, I live around a lot of old people.

  4. What's a great food that features something in its middle? Ice cream waffle sandwiches.

    Banana Bread Ice Cream Sandwich (with Moose Tracks ice cream, Nutella, and pecans) from Inspire

    Original HK-style egg waffle with vanilla and matcha twist soft serve from Wooffles & Cream

  5. What's the nearest you've been to the middle of nowhere? Well, I live in Canada, so basically two hours outside of a major city is the middle of nowhere...
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