Friday Five: Upper Body

Friday, March 11, 2016
This week's Friday Five:
  1. What's got you scratching your head? American politics. More specifically, how Donald Trump is still in the running for presidency. It's like an on-going joke that, in a horrifying turn of events, could actually become a reality.

  2. What's the big news in your neck of the woods? Still politics. More specifically, Justin Trudeau and Barack Obama at the White House state dinner this week. All I've been reading about on all social media outlets is about their budding "bromance." Also how Americans have been looking into immigrating to Canada if Donald Trump becomes the next US president. 

  3. What has everyone else raising an eyebrow, but is only getting a shrug of the shoulders out of you? Kim Kardashian's nude selfie on her Instagram. People seem to forget that she got famous through a sex tape. This is nothing new, folks.

  4. What are you keeping an eye on? My bank account.

  5. What's something you've done an about-face on recently? Taking on a higher leadership position at work. I was really hesitant about applying for a more senior position because I'm really content in my current position, but ultimately felt like I'd be doing myself a disservice if I didn't apply. I have to prepare a business plan for my interview in the next couple weeks, which I've been stressing out about, but hopefully it will go well. Wish me luck!

4 comments on "Friday Five: Upper Body"
  1. Wishing you the best of luck! You will do great.

  2. Good luck, Denise! You'll rock it!

    And omg, don't get me started on our politics right now. WE CAN'T BELIEVE IT, EITHER.

    1. Thanks, Larie! I have my interview today, actually. Kinda nervous but I'm happy with my current position so either way, I'm okay with the outcome. :)

      Yeah, I seriously thought it was a joke when I initially heard Trump was gonna apply. But it's frightening how many Americans support him. If he becomes president, he is seriously gonna FUCK UP all international relations.


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