Makeup and Beauty Blog: Monday Poll, Vol. 358

Monday, January 25, 2016
This week's Monday Poll:
  1. Assuming you had to choose one ("neither" is not an option), would you rather wear a pink business suit or a leopard-print business suit to work? I think leopard-print. Pink just isn't my colour when it comes to clothing... I think I would end up looking like a tailored Easter bunny.

  2. My heart melts when I see ______. Baby animals. Gets me every damn time. Also, hot guys crying. Like Ryan Gosling in The Notebook or Leonardo DiCaprio in Romeo + Juliet? I'm dead.

  3. Have you ever worn safety pins as a fashion accessory? Kind of. I never wore them on their own, but I always used them to add band patches to bags when I was a teenager.

  4. Doughnuts or cake? Well, here's the thing with doughnuts. I prefer yeast doughnuts to cake doughnuts, so if it's between yeast doughnuts and cake, then I choose doughnuts. But if it's cake doughnuts versus cake, then I choose cake. On that note, I could resist cake if you put it in front of me. But I probably wouldn't be able to resist a Tiny Tom or Krispy Kreme doughnut.

  5. What are some of your nicknames? Dee, Dee Dee, Dennis the Menace.
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