Friday Five: Symbol

Friday, November 6, 2015
This week's Friday Five:
  1. Which of the standard keyboard symbols best describes your mood right now? & (I just ate dinner and am really full.)

  2. On your brand-new family coat-of-arms, created right now whether you already have one or not, what animal is the central figure, representing the spirit and character of your family? An elephant. Among other things, it symbolizes reliability, dignity, and pride.

  3. In what ways is your vehicle symbolic of you? Small, quietly powerful, reliable.

  4. What charms, figurines, or objects do you keep at hand to remind you of something or someone? I don't keep a lot of charms or figurines, but I keep a few stuffed animals that remind me of various times in my life, and I've kept birthday cards from when I was a baby to now that remind me of good friends and family.

  5. What song lyric best sums up your feelings heading into the weekend?
    "There is a strength in enduring." — CHVRCHES, "Dead Air"
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