Friday Five: It's Time to Play the Music

Friday, October 9, 2015
This week's Friday Five:
  1. How do you feel about honeydew and other melons? Love! I'll eat anything from cantaloupe to bitter melon. My favourite eaten raw is watermelon, my favourite eaten cooked is winter melon, and my favourite in the form of a drink is honeydew bubble tea and/or fresh watermelon juice. But I don't discriminate against any melons, really. (That sounded dirty.)

  2. How are your little piggies? Er, they're little. Like, people say I have baby feet 'cause my toes are kinda short and stubby. Also currently painted in a pale pink (MAC's French Tipped), which is a colour I rarely ever wear on my finger nails.

  3. What kind of experience do you have with scooters? I would say minimal. As in zero.

  4. What animal frightens you most? Crocodiles, maybe. Or snakes. Or do insects count? Cockroaches are pretty up there.

  5. Apples, celery, and walnuts dressed in mayo and served atop a bed of lettuce are popularly known as a Waldorf Salad. What's your favourite salad with a name? After having a Russian boyfriend for three years, I ate a lot of Olivier salad (a.k.a. Russian salad) and it became a sick addiction. Like, I would eat three bowls of that stuff at a time. It is disturbingly fattening and sounds kinda gross in description, but I swear, it is so, so good. I'm drooling just thinking about it. But if the name of a place counts (rather than a person), then Caprese salad is my favourite salad of all time.
2 comments on "Friday Five: It's Time to Play the Music"
  1. I am right now Googling recipes for that salad. I gotta try that.

    1. YES! It's like a super-amped potato salad but with miscellaneous meat, LOL. So good!


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