Good Eats: Summer 2015 Edition

Sunday, September 6, 2015
I've had some good eats in the past few months, so I thought I'd share some photos of my favourite meals and dishes. I don't always bring my camera with me when I go out to eat but I tend to Instagram everything, so or those who do follow me on Instagram, I apologize for the re-post here... but, hey, you can never get enough of food porn. (More delicious photos after the jump.)

1. Inspire Restaurant

Duck Taco: duck confit, cucumber orange salsa, cilantro fennel aioli served on flour tortilla

Soft Shell Crab Pakora: crisp soft shell crab, sweet beets, and mint jelly

Udon Carbonara: spicy Italian sausage, braised beef, and honey mushrooms in creamy reduction and topped with quail's egg

Chicken & Waffle: crisp chicken, fresh homemade waffles, fresh blueberries, cinnamon whipped butter, and ginger maple

2. Fabbrica (Summerlicious dinner with Liz)

Pork terrine with toast, arugula, mustard, and daily pickles

Watermelon and tomato salad with minted ricotta salata, basil, and aged balsamic

Homemade fazzoletti with mushrooms and summer truffle

Bacon chop with rhubarb agrodolce, natural sauce, vincotto and sage

Cannoli with chocolate and pistachio

Vanilla panna cotta with prosecco peaches and brown butter crumble

3. KaKa All You Can Eat

Torched sushi: Beef, salmon, and hamachi

Salmon, tuna, and surf clam sashimi and beef tataki

Salmon & chopped salmon oshizushi (pressed sushi)

Beef tataki roll

Las Vegas roll

4. El Furniture Warehouse

Beet & Goat Cheese Salad: roasted beets, toasted pecans, organic greens, goat cheese, fresh basil, and balsamic vinaigrette

Quinoa & Green Apple Salad: crisp apple, sweet corn, cucumber, toasted almonds, avocado, mint and cilantro with soy honey + lime dressing

Warehouse Crispy Mac 'n' Cheese: creamy three cheese, roasted red pepper alfredo sauce, crunchy corn flakes, fresh thyme, and parmesan crust

Warehouse Poutine: peppered fries, maple bacon, mozzarella, and gravy

Mini Donuts: ten mini donuts, sugar dusting with dark chocolate ancho chili dipping sauce

5. Fratecelli's

Antipasti Board (Piccolo)

Roasted Red Beet Salad: oven-roasted red beets, hot house tomatoes, goat cheese, toasted pine nuts, and poppy seed dressing

Calabrese Pizza: Italian plum tomato sauce, mozzarella, provolone, friulano, and gorgonzola cheese, hot sopressata, black olives, and fresh chili peppers

Gnocchi Quattro Cheese: pan-seared fresh gnocchi, creamy four cheese sauce, oven-roasted cherry tomatoes, and parsley

6. JOEY (Markville and Yorkdale)

Mezze Plate: red pepper hummus, tzatziki, Macedonian feta, marinated olives, crisp pita

Lobster Grilled Cheese: brie and cheddar, and cocktail sauce

Lobster & Prawn Ravioli: grilled prawns, lobster cream sauce, and fresh dill

Peppercorn New York: New York steak, peppercorn, brandy and cream reduction

7. Origin North

Bufala mozzarella on grilled bread with poached pear, pine nuts, and honey

Yucatan fish tacos with avocado, slaw, cilantro, and salsa

Beet salad with goat cheese, pickled onion, yogurt, and walnuts

Spanish fries with chorizo, menchego, and smoked aioli

8. Casa Victoria

Steamed shrimp dumplings

Steamed seafood dumplings

Deep-fried squid tentacles

Steamed pork and mushroom dumplings

Deep-fried shrimp dumplings

9. Chinese Dumpling House

Steamed pork + chives and pork + leek dumplings

Pan-fried pork dumplings

Fried salted pork

Beef shank and green onion pancakes

10. Big Bone BBQ & Wicked Wings

Ribs, cajun wings, fries, baked beans, and corn bread

Hope this post has made you sufficiently hungry!
2 comments on "Good Eats: Summer 2015 Edition"
  1. Nom nom nom!!! So, which was your fave? I had almost forgotten about the BACON STEAK that I had, lol!

    1. I think my meal at Inspire was my favourite! The best hidden gem in all of Markham, IMO. It's a tiny restaurant so they are ALWAYS packed and it gets hard just to make a reservation because you gotta call like weeks in advance (I think they only have like, ten tables in total), but the food is SO GOOD. And UNIQUE. I don't think I've had dishes quite like that anywhere else. And it's not too expensive, either. :D


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